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about Iris Light


Iris Light is pioneering ‘difficult to integrate’ components for the rapidly growing silicon photonics market, including the perennial challenges of on-chip lasers & LEDs. Our mission is to accelerate the growth and reach of the $1 billion/year silicon photonics (‘light chip’) market driven by applications in optical communications, medical devices, autonomous vehicle LIDAR, optical chem-bio sensors, and beyond.


Our technical innovation is a new class of photonic inks based on opto-electronically active nanomaterials that are both highly conductive and can be tuned to a variety of ‘colors’ to address the wavelength needs for these diverse applications. Iris Light’s novel inks are the foundation of a breakthrough manufacturing approach that will accelerate the adoption of photonic and printed electronics chip technologies by providing a new route to creating first-of-a-kind integrated circuits.


Iris Light is an Argonne National Lab and Northwestern University spinout, and incubated in the Chain Reaction Innovations program sponsored by the Department of Energy.

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